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What Is # Social Procurement

#SocialProcurement is a private and free initiative run by a group of social procurement enthusiasts. We think that the power of business to business social media should be leveraged to identify potential suppliers. There are many offerings on the internet to use LinkedIn for sales, but almost nothing for purchasing. Don’t you think that selling is a bit boring if there is no one who wants to purchase? This is what our founder Mario Bruggmann stated in February 2021. He wrote down the original idea in this article and following that he initiated #SocialProcurement as an initiative from procurement staff for procurement staff.

Evolving Education

From understanding the basic idea of Social Procurement to becoming a LinkedIn power user is only a few small steps. Become a #SocialProcurement Pioneer! Following our pathway from the introduction Webinar until the free coaching session on the execution of your first search post will provide you with a ton of insights. You will learn a lot about how to use LinkedIn as well as understanding the basics of its underlying algorithm. This knowledge will not only help you to execute your #SocialProcurement search posts but also for any other applications you might have for LinkedIn.


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