#IamBuying Frame

Getting the profile picture frame #IamBuying

  1. Directly send your profile picture to Mario Bruggmann via LinkedIn
    • Ensure that there is as much area around your head as possible in all directions (don’t cut it in a smaller square or round, etc).
  2. Receive the edited picture
    • Don’t wonder about free area around your photo or any text outside the round frame. This will be invisible once you insert the pic into LinkedIn.
    • Don’t change the filename before uploading because it is indexed and searchable for LinkedIn.
  3. Insert the picture into your LinkedIn account
    • Upload the pic as is and insert it.
    • Use zoom factor (usually about 2.3) and center it into the round frame.
    • Ensure a small overlap of the yellow frame to the circle to ensure there will be no white visible outside the yellow frame.