5 Things LinkedIn Does For Your Social Procurement

What comes to your mind first if you see our term? Social Procurement. Before you continue reading, leave us a comment below about what you think.

Maybe I understand what you are thinking. It is about what social media, in particular, LinkedIn can do for your social procurement and B2B Customer journey. LinkedIn can be used in synergy with B2B customer journey and supplier search in procurement, like we do with our #SocialProcurement dedicated Hashtag on our LinkedIn Page.

We see that LinkedIn, leverages the connection between B2B customer journey and supplier search in procurement steps. Because both already have similarities in their processes. I talk about things LinkedIn can do for your social procurement.

As well, this synergy is increasingly recognized by procurement professionals as a way to enhance strategic supplier discovery through our initiatives. Because of that, this synergy and interconnectedness between procurement, B2B customer journey and social media is greatly recognized by our initiative #SocialProcurement.

A B2B customer journey map visually represents each customer journey stage from end to end. It covers the moment the business or a supplier customer realizes a problem to their companies or procurement department that need to fill.

Let’s explore the parallels between these two processes and understand how the principles of the B2B customer journey can inform and optimize supplier searches.

For B2B customer journey, The journey starts with Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Intent, Evaluation, Purchasing, or Engagement, support and end with procurement contract renewal. This guide map from TouchPoint shows similar steps compared to below ones. So,

B2B Customer journey Mapping from TouchPoint
  • Awareness: Procurement professionals post on social media, raising the need for a new supplier and/or material.
  • Interest: Suppliers comment and connect if they are willing to supply.
  • Consideration: Various suppliers are compared based on their capabilities and suitability.
  • Intent: The procurement team shows interest in engaging with certain suppliers.
  • Evaluation: A thorough evaluation of shortlisted suppliers is conducted.
  • Engagement : the team finalizes and engages with the chosen supplier.

Here’s how you can use LinkedIn in 5 different ways

To facilitate your social procurement, helpfully team put some points for you to use LinkedIn as a leverage for your next hunt for suppliers

Profile Optimization

Just as businesses optimize their LinkedIn profiles to attract customers, procurement professionals must optimize their profiles to attract suppliers. A complete and professional profile enhances visibility and credibility, making it easier for suppliers to find and connect with you​​​​. I have shared some series of tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to increase its rating.

Content Creation and Sharing

Sharing relevant content and posting supplier search requests can significantly increase reach and engagement. Utilizing specific hashtags like #IamBuying and #WeAreBuying helps categorize and amplify these posts, similar to how businesses use content marketing to attract potential customers​​​​.


Active engagement on LinkedIn, through likes, comments, and shares, boosts your profile visibility and affinity and helps build a network of relevant contacts. This engagement is crucial for both nurturing customer relationships and identifying potential suppliers​​​​.

Algorithm Mastery

Understanding and leveraging LinkedIn’s algorithm can enhance the effectiveness of supplier searches. Ensuring high dwell time, using the right number of hashtags, and engaging within the first few hours of posting can increase the visibility of your posts​​.

Hashtags and Keywords

Use relevant hashtags and keywords to increase the discoverability of your posts. Engage with the #SocialProcurement community to amplify your reach​​. You can search current hashtag about procurement on LinkedIn search bar.

Be Present

Post regular updates and search requests. Use a mix of text, images, and documents to keep your audience engaged. Make sure your posts are detailed enough to attract the right suppliers, but not overly specific to avoid limiting your reach​​.

Finally, by applying these strategies, procurement professionals can effectively navigate the supplier search process using the principles of the B2B customer journey, ultimately leading to more successful and strategic supplier engagements. #SocialProcurement not only modernizes the procurement process but also ensures that businesses can connect with the best suppliers efficiently and effectively.

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